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Welcome to Tolle Totum’s referral network! Finding a valuable healthcare provider can be like finding a needle in a haystack, so before you go on a hunting expedition check these great providers out!


The Zen of Healing, David Tucker, LaC

p. 206.696.1121

Acupuncture Northwest and Associates, Stephanie Gianarelli Newton, MS, LAc, FABORM

I recommend Stephanie to any couple trying to have a child. She specializes in fertility treatment and has helped some of my clients experience the blessings of child birth. She has been featured in several Seattle's magazines and news media.

p. 206.332.0868

Chiropractors and Active Release Technique (ART)

I’ve been receiving chiropractic care for over 7 years now from various providers in the PNW, and worked for several by this point in my career. All I can say is you don’t know how wonderful, wonderful is until you experience it. Be careful though once you experience the amazing care you could be receiving, nothing less than that seems worth it. Below are some amazing practitioners I would refer without hesitation:

Active Sports Therapy, Natasha Whitaker Ayers, DC
Specializing in Active Release Technique, Grastin and sports taping

Reoccurring injuries in the same area aggravating you? Scar tissue got you down? We love massage but for those adhesions on our forearms we get some deep scraping done to break them up! Check her out and give that scar tissue something to really cry about.

p. 206.420.7926

Hanson Chiropractic, Peter Hanson DC

Located conveniently in Everett with over 16 years of experience Dr. Hanson's office is the place to go if you are looking in the north end. Offering flexible scheduling, easy parking, thorough evaluations and client education throughout the process of realigning your spine making this this self care task less duanting. Give them a try!

p. 425.902.4996

Lake Union Wellness, Ted Steffen DC

Dr. Steffen is the first chiropractor of the many I have experienced in Seattle, and I my only thought after receiving treatment was how bad the treatment I had been getting in the other places I had lived was comparatively. This is the first place I received biomechanical traction for my spine and re-educational exercises to teach my muscles to go back to the natural position of re alignment. Lake Union provides similar quality of care to Active Wellness, just in a downtown location and bigger office. Dr. Steffen provides amazing gentle, deep adjustments working within your comfort level on your spine and extremities. I’ve always been impressed with his thoroughness in the care I receive and dedication to his patients.

p. 206.749.5253

Sorem Family Chiropractic, Monty Sorem DC

For those of you seeking a fantastic office in the south end, look no further! Sorem Chiropractic in Lacey/Olympia area off Yelm Hwy provides a positive experience for anyone seeking care. At Sorem Family Chiropractic you will find not only thorough evaluations and knowledgeable, friendly staff, but Dr. Monti Sorem uses traction, rehabilitation exercises, Active Release Technique and joint manipulation of the spine and extremities to help you reach your health goals.

p. 360.326.6971

Counseling and Therapy

Shelly Ballmer, MSW

Specializing in Body Movement Therapy & addictions, when it comes to Shelly I’m speechless. It’s not always easy to go to therapy, and you may not even have a specific reason to go other than to make sure your closet is thoroughly cleaned out. For historical trauma or a little relationship tune up Shelly takes you to your limits. I’ve never found a moment where I ever felt judged or not challenged in a session with Shelly, nor have I ever regretted a moment of time, energy or money spent with her- that is priceless!

P. 206.321.1299 


Today with science we know your dental hygiene is related to so much of your body function and disease. Keeping your teeth and gums in optimal condition is not only for appearance since scientific evidence has expanded to shed light in this field in the past 50+ years and the idea of letting someone poke in your mouth hasn’t gotten much more appealing. Here are a few dentists that may make the journey a little easier!

Biederman Dentistry, Kevin Beiderman, DDS

This new, local family owned 'green office', has state-of-the-art dental techniques - including digital x-rays, mercury-free restorations, and in-office whitening. Offering free parking in one of Seattle's hot spots, payment plans and the combination of friendly staff with modern technology this fun care-free environment will make for one of your best dental experiences ever!

p. 206.859.2767

Mark Veigl, D.D.S.

Dr. Veigl was a referral to me several years ago when I first came to Seattle from another practitioner. He is my #1 and I have never been more impressed with the quality of care, dedication to their patients or one on one care Dr. to patient time than in this small three person dental office. They are very friendly, experienced, honest and affordable. I refer to Dr. Veigl without hesitation, which I have to most of my previous co-workers and they all loved him. I hate driving anywhere close to downtown but with the free garage parking, flexible appointment times, amazing view, warm aromatherapy towel at the end and honest, gentle, quality care I receive I wouldn’t pay out of pocket to anyone else! Check him out if you’re looking to raise your standards in dental hygiene.

p. 206.382.0461

Doctors and Specialists

Carolyn Fuller, ND at Tillia Natural Health

I’m sure as you may have found, in the medical community not everyone is equal. Some go above and beyond in helping drive your personal mission of optimal health.  If you are looking for a Naturopathic Doctor in the greater Seattle area I would highly recommend Carolyn. I could practically copy and paste her mission and vision for health to my website since it aligns so closely with my own. She’s my go to gal for my check in, tune ups and oh that’s not working right at all.

Greg Yasuda, ND

Greg is a naturopathic physician, as well as a licensed massage practitioner certified in Craniosacral and Visceral Manipulation. With his background in naturopathic medicine and his bodywork experience, Greg brings to his work a powerful blend of modalities which serve to facilitate his patients healing processes. Sessions with Greg are multifaceted, integrative and holistic. He focuses on what your needs are which guides his work in a way that resonates with you.

p. 206.223.3333  e.

Podiatrist Douglas Hale, DPM

Voted Seattles best for several years in the Seattle Met Foot and Ankle Center of Washington is located at 600 Broadway, Suite 220 in Seattle, WA  98122. You can also find Dr. Hale on 5th Ave. near Northgate at Seattle foot and ankle.

p.  206.344.3808

Energy Healing

Intuitive Balance, Karin Carlson Morgan

Karin provides a unique experience that is centered on each individuals needs using a variety of non-invasive techniques and clairvoyance. Most of my experiences with Karin have been the greatest moments of growth and therefore life atlering. She is a truely gifted healer and through her I have found pain relief from many ailments.

p. 425.881.1755


Nutrition Works, Inc

Nutrition is just as vital, if not more so than bodywork in my book! If you don’t have the nutrition to support your everyday functioning and repair who cares how much you are working out or how often you get accupuncture. Kathleen and Mihn- Hi have their fruits, veggies, herbs and supplements down. Connect with them and see how much more energy you may gain and how far your body really can take you.

p. 206.729.2633

Physical Therapy

Womens' Services

Fertility Services:

Acupuncture Northwest and Associates, Stephanie Gianarelli Newton, MS, LAc, FABORM

I recommend Stephanie to any couple trying to have a child. She specializes in fertility treatment and has helped some of my clients experience the blessings of child birth. She has been featured in several Seattle's magazines and news media.

p. 206.332.0868

Mammogram and Breast Services:

Bellevue Medical Imaging

When it comes to the best sometimes it means traveling across the birdge. Mammograms can be a nerve wreaking, painful and exhausting experience even for those of us that don't mind going to a physician. Why not make is a positive, spa like experience? With top of the line equipment, skilled, knowledgable, friendly, practical staff and free parking on the eastside-you couldn't ask for more.

p. 425.454.1700

Check your Boobies

So you've got me here, 'Check your Boobies' isn't a medical facility, nor are any of the staff meant to function as part of your health network- even though some of them are medical practitioners working within the organization. 'Check your Boobies' is a non-profit started by local Heike Malakoff after being diagnosed with breast cancer more than 6 years ago. Heike's mission is to bring awareness and prevention through education. I find the reality of why we are suppose to become so closely aquainted with our own breasts can feel rather removed from our lives and this organization helps to shed light on how close it actually is. By participating and supporting in their organization you still have to get your regular check ups, but can be more educated on doing proper self exams throughout the year.  Check um' out ladies and have yourself a 'Check your Boobies' party!